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Welcome to The Linkin Park Home!
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This page is made for Linkin Park fans, who cannot get enough and want to know more about their favorite band!
If you have any questions or you want to share interesting news, pictures, fan art or whatever concernig Linkin Park, please click on the CONTACT link!

Thanx, The Webmaster

05/16/2002: Removed Audio-section and some corrupt links.
I'm really sorry that I am not able to update the site regularly, but school has priority for me, so don't expect any further updates from me. Thanks for your understanding! 10/19/2001: Sorry guys, but some Videolinks are broken and I can't find any good free host for the files, so if you know any, plz mail me. Sorry for the inconvenience!
09/20/2001: After a BIG break, I'm back again....Added some more Pictures--->Picture-Section
07/07/2001: Finally another update. Added Crawling - Live Version to the Videos
06/21/2001: Added 2 more Live-Videos
06/19/2001: Added Live-songs of the BBC Snowboard and Music Festival (04-14-2001)
06/14/2001: Added a new Interview by Radio 1
06/13/2001: Added a Forum to the site
06/12/2001: Added 4 Live-Videos to the Videos-section
06/10/2001: BIG UPDATE !
Added Hybrid Theory EP and Other Lyrics; Added more Info to the Discography; Added more Live-Pics of Rock am Ring
06/08/2001: Added Linkin Park Font "Uptown"
06/05/2001: Added some Live-Pics of Rock am Ring to the Pics-section!
06/04/2001: If you're searching for pics/vids of the HFStival, go to
06/03/2001: Linkin Park at Rock am Ring/Germany
Today Linkin Park are performing at Rock am Ring in Germany! MTV has televised a short interview of LP, which you can find in the interviews-section!
+Added a funny Interview with Mike! Enjoy
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