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Board Interview by fans!

Mike openend a thread in the official message board for answering fan's questions! So here it goes...

Mike:i'm starting this thread so you guys can ask any band-related questions you have. to start us off: someone asked what kind of guitars we play...brad and i both play PRS guitars, but for the album, we recorded with ibanez as well. there will be much more in-depth info on this in our personal bios section, which will be up soon. (check news for info)

1.mike, what is your biggest goal for the future and what is the greatest achievement so far? (ansals17)

M:there are two goals for me: to get into the studio and make a great album next year, and to GO OFF at ozzfest. and as for what we have done, i think we're really proud of the album and videos.

2.Ok...kinda random question but out of all the countries you guys have toured latly which one have you enjoyed the most? (LP_FaN_7)

M:i was really happy to be able to tour in japan.

3.can i get Hybrid theory EP from you guys? why the name "linkin park"? (Skriepes)

M:hybrid theory ep: very unlikely you'll find one. we made them about 2 years ago. i think we made 2000 copies. if you have $300 to blow on some (immature) old linkin park music, they occasionally show up on ebay.
name: linkin park is just a name; we wanted something that didn't already connotate another meaning...that way, the music would define the name. as in: "what's linkin park?" "here, listen"

4.Does Brad or anyone else that plays guitar have signed picks like Phoenix? at your guys concert in New Zealand I really wanted a pick from Brad (and eveyone else that plays guitar), being a guitarist myself that would of been so awesome, but only Phoenix had some picks for the fans... (JUSTICE2101)

M:yes, phoenix, brad, and i have signed picks. you have any new songs written yet? (Skriepes)

M:sorry, not yet *smile* will be a while before we release any new music. but i am doing a song with the xecutioners (a dj crew from NYC; they are legends!)

6.What keeps you going in your music career? What's the hardest part about your job? What's your personal favorite song? What's your funniest moment performing? Could you give me some free email account or something that I could email you at to talk with you or one of you? I am really trying to get help in getting started in music. (Jay Slim)

M:1.playing shows and meeting fans is really fun for us. 2.being away from loved ones at home. 3.right now, i really like this song "pollyanna" by onelinedrawing, and i also like "clones" by the roots. 4.i fell backwards at the dragon festival, over a monitor. but i caught my fall and did a little tuck-and-roll to try and not look like a complete clumsy ass (lol). it true about you guys being on the B.D.O (Big Day Out) tour for 2002? (Lizi-baby) just thought that i'd post a little message and say thanks a million for playing sydney...we had so much fun that we broke the floor *smile* (jurrassitol 15)

M:not confirmed yet, but we hope we can come back to australia (the kids in sydney broke the floor, for god's sake!)

8.I heard a while ago ( on a website ) that your *where* doing a song with the dust brothers is that true or all made up? (RaTeD)

M:"with you" (track #3 on hybrid theory) and we tried to do another one, but it's probably not going to be worked on at this point, because they're busy doing other things.

9.Mike, have you ever milked a cow? (Quinn)

M:cows are funny, no?

10.mike, what is your REAL hair color? (Skriepes)

M:blackish brown

11.First I just wanna say big props to mike for doing this for the fans, proves you guys are as nice as everyone says...Are you guys gonna try to meet your fans after ozzfest shows like you do normally? (Linkinparkx311)

M:Thankx...yes, we will try to meet with fans during the shows. it's bound to be hectic, cause there are too many people to see, but we'll be at the signing booth, and we'll also hopefully visit the streetwise booth. check out both booths when you get to the venue for times, and get to the booth early. (that goes for any big festivals we are playing, including the HFStival)

12.What do you think of Japanese audience? (emikon)

M:japan was AMAAZING there ever gonna be an uncensored version of the high voltage remix? i have a thing about censored music (neosnare)

M:sorry...we never made an uncensored version.

14.what was/is the inspiration behind 'Step Up'? kinda controversial but alot of people seem to think it's about Limp Bizkit... (JUSTICE2101)

M:step up is about how EVERYBODY in this genre of music needs to step it up and work harder to make better music. we weren't just pointing fingers at others; we know we are just as guilty - if we want music to continue to be interesting and dope, we need to push ourselves. but admittedly, i was ranting a little about the state of hybrid music. not limp bizkit as a focal point, just everybody. everything was sounding so dumb when i wrote those lyrics...but i feel better now *smile*

15.Hey mike, great album you guys are awesome! i got a question for you. why dont you all post your old stuff on the website (hybrid theory, xero, ect.) i think it'd be a good way to prove all those people that you wernt manufactured (those stupid, stupid buttholes). (LinKinChEeSEr)

M:we could post all the old stuff, but honestly, it's kinda embarassing...too rough. i was working on one sampler and a four-track at the time, with a $20 mic, a 8" practice amp on brad's fender strat, and guitar effects on the vocals. just a tad underdeveloped.

16.Which band/event/whatever set you off into wanting to make music? At which point did you know: ah! That's what I wanna do? Do you speak Japanese? (LinkinLing)

M:I loved RunDMC and Boogie Down Productions...and sorry, I don't speak japanese. I'm learning a little though.

17.Do you have respect for Papa Roach? (PunkRock1469)

M:papa roach is dope. punk rock hip hop.

18.Coke Or Pepsi? (J Swatek)

M:red bull

19.Have you got any advice (for an up-and-coming band) on how to get out there? What is your fav part of touring and making music? (babycakes)

M:1. mp3's 2.playing shows with music that i'm proud of.

20.what do you think of the deftones? how will the live show change after the next album? (Duane)

M:the main thing i like about the deftones is they're heavy without being too metal and they're emotional without being cheesy. and the stufff sounds good. and as for our live show, what do YOU think we should do? (probably start a new thread with the answer to this one...)

21.HOw are you Japanese? You're parents immigrate to the states or something? Just a curiousity thang coz im Japanese. About when of next year will the new album be on sale? (amaru)

M:my dad's japanese (hence, my last name)...the next album won't be out for a WHILE...sorry *smile*

22.magazines like BRAVO etc. writig "all girs love cute blond chester" n stuff (they really did!) - isnīt that annoying? how come they can do things like that? they get u all the teenybopper-"fans"... phoenix: why did u leave the band? since when have u been playing bass? in sum songs it sounds like there r a lot of guitar parts at the time - how do u do this at concerts? (pocketstar)

M:1. magazines are just trying to sell copies. and in some cases, controversy or sensationalism sells. 2. phoenix left the band, because he promised his friends in another band that he would play with them. that band broke up, and he came back. 3. brad's parts are pretty complex sometimes, but he manages to play them all on stage, somehow *smile* you EVER visit fan-sites? (cus thats why we do them, + for the fans) (scmpoo)

M:yes, we all visit different ones. we almost never post, though...

24.i want to know how LP as a group feels about the negative backlash coming from Wes Borland and what he said about "nu-metal". (Jenn)

M:i don't like talking trash about other's kinda petty...also, i don't like the term nu-metal, because it is usually used in referrence to groups that are not necessarily metal. i am much more influenced by hip hop and heavy alternative and hardcore than metal (but maybe we're just getting into semantics)

25.Mike, tis me again was just wondering if you saw MTV Cribs with Sebastian Bach from Skid Row singing One Step Closer with a guy from Anthrax(cant remember his name)?? (laney)

M:yes...with scott ian. whoa.

26.How long have you been emceeing? (I've been doing it for about 6 years... but just now getting a crew started...) And, as an emcee, which artists inspire you or capture your attention when they're on the mic? (Shiryu)

M:i've been emceeing since i was about 12 or 13...right now, i love listening to jurassic 5, the roots, common, and i like the soundbombing cd a lot...among other things

27.I heard that when you and Brad graduated High School you started a band named Xero with Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell and Mark Wakefield. Then you made a 4 track smapler tape with Rhinestone, Stick N Move, Fuse and Reading in my Eyes. Is that true?? (LinkinParkRules)

M:who's asking? hmmm...

28.I am a big Eminem fan also..he has had alot of problems with pyscho fans..girls stalking..hell guys too.. Have you or any of the other guys had any scary experiences with fans?? (Mrs.MisterMeaner187)

M:we have not, and we hope that everyone has the courtesy to keep it that way. so far, our fans have been cool, and we hope it stays that way.


M:1. we play a lot of video games, play poker, blackjack, watch dvds, and make fun of ourselves. 2. i remember how cool it was to get an autograph from a musician i liked; i want to do the same for our fans.

okay, so i think i need to stop here...thank you guys for all the awesome questions. if you want to copy these answers and post them on your fan sites, feel free to. because i think you all asked MUCH better questions than many of our interviewers. (probably because you know us better). anyway, thanks again, and we'll see you soon.

here are some more answers to FAQ's... (phoenix has joined me to answer some questions)

30.Anyways,i just wanted to ask you what's the strangest thing a fan has ever given you? (flying leper)

M:one of the strangest things was a stuffed-animal pig doll with "linkin pork" written on it.

31.anywayz i just wondered do u have a favorite track off hybrid theory? and which song means the most to you? (scotty b)

M:we all like "papercut" a lot, and i had a good time writing the lyrics to "a place for my head" was therapeutic

32.Which has been your most favourite song to a) write b) film the video for c) perform live d) listen to (iworshipmikeshinoda)

Phoenix:a) see above b) crawling live video from the dragon festival c) points of authority d) any song by thomas d (hahaha)

33.If you could give me some feedback, what is a good type of mic, and turntables? (Keenan2104)

M:shure sm58 & technics 1200 are the standard

34.1) Who were and are your biggest influences? 2) In "One Step Closer", does Brad do natural or artificial harmonics during the intro? (I3rian64)

M:1) we have too many to name...i think there are a few listed in the bio 2) natural harmonics

35.Who was the most hardout LP fan you have meet? (wHoViDaNZ)

M:Phoenix's mom...she was analyzing my lyrics and reciting them to me at dinner!

36.I have a very important question to ask...How are you?..I love it when people ask me that (Craxzy4LinkinPark)

M:what a nice question. we're fine. how are you?

37.1 when did u realise u could make a career out of music + what was ur inspiration??? 2 theres a wee angry looking guy mear the back of ur album cover saying something in Japanese, whats he saying??? (Girl from mars)

P:1) i still don't know 2) the guy is speaking jibberish. M: we didn't want him to be saying anything. we put a bunch of nonsense japanese on the back because i thought it would be funny for people to make up all kinds of rumors about it...

38.1)Do you hang out with the fans after every show? 2)Do you like sports? 3)Which things do you do at this site? 4)Do you know who started all this crap about linkin park being manufactured and being a boyband, because that really pissed me (and everyone else at this site) off. 5)Do you know any other languages than english? (Franzkie)

1)M:yes 2)P:yes, soccer 3)M:i art direct, and make some of the banners. P:i post rumors on the message board. 4)M:we think that magazines made it up just to sell copies...controversy makes for an interesting story. but it's obviously a lie, which is kinda upsetting. 5)P:a little spanish. M:me too.

39.hey mike im not sure if this has been asked but how long have u been playing guitar? (lilhellkitty)

M:for about five years, i think, but usually pretty casually. not as much as brad, for example. but enough to be able to write parts for songs

40."Chester vs. Mike" 1.)Have you ever looked at your relationship with Chester as a contest? 2.)How does seeing that make you feel? (Tinana_Banana)

M:1)'s like playing sports together; you want to support eveyone on your team. 2) i don't pay attention

41.I was wondering if you guys will be remixing any more older (EP) songs for the new album. (CheeseKilla)

P:probably not, because we want to develop new stuff


M:graphic design and art. or working with other bands.

43.My teeny bopping cousin came running over with...Hear'Says album...i glanced down and song number 2 was..... one step closer. (pie)

M:hahaha...did you know that fear factory has a new song called one step closer, too? i think it's great. go ahead and ask more questions...just read the other posts i made, so that there aren't any repeated questions! i'm hoping that some of the other guys will help me answer... later


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